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Are the Suns Done?

Last night, the Phoenix Suns lost to the Milwaukee Bucks 123-119 surrendering their home court advantage. Milwaukee now have the chance to close out the series at home on Tuesday. Do the Suns have any chance?

It would be wrong to say the Suns have no chance to win Game 6 but it is looking very bleak for them. Giannis is ramping up his game at the just the right time showing why he is the two-time MVP. Khris Middleton is on fire and has solidified why he is an NBA star. Jrue Holiday is also providing valuable buckets for the Bucks. The trio of Giannis, Middleton, and Holiday lit it up in Game 5 last night. On the other hand, it has been Devin Booker who has been carrying the load for the Suns. Chris Paul has played well, but he needs to be more aggressive and needs to start looking to score. However much of a superstar Devin Booker is, he is not good enough to put the Suns on his back. For Game 6, DeAndre Ayton and Mikal Bridges need to bring their A game in order to provide some help for Devin Booker. Chris Paul needs to bring his basketball knowledge to the court and play with intelligence. If everyone on the Suns plays their role to a T, they have a good shot at beating the Bucks. If anything else happens, you can kiss the NBA Finals goodnight. Basically, I believe the Suns need to play the basketball they have played all season in order to beat the Bucks on Tuesday. If they do win, there is a good shot they can win Game 7 as this will be played in Phoenix with the crowd backing the Suns. The Bucks will be pumped up on Tuesday, I would not expect nothing less than a spectacular performance from them. We will find out on Tuesday whether the Suns can bring the series back to Phoenix for one last game, or whether the Bucks will grab the series, the NBA, and the trophy right then and there. Suns, Bucks... lets get it started!!

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