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Arsenal are a Mess!!

Arsenal just lost to Chelsea 2-0 Chelsea and seem to be in a real spot of bother. Although it is just 2 games into the season, Arsenal are not showing any promise and the squad lacks any sense of cohesion, It is unacceptable how easily Chelsea were able to break through the Arsenal back line. It was a walk in the park for the blues!! At this point, I definitely back all of the Arsenal fans saying Arteta out. He has been given enough time and he has not had a positive impact on the squad. It will be a very very long season for Arsenal and I am going to go bold and say that they will be outside of the top 10 this year in the prem. You heard it right here lads, Arsenal will not be in the top 10. Arsenal is truly and for the foreseeable future will be the "banter club" of the Premier League...

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