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Can Anyone Catch Pogacar

As the Tour de France draws to a close, I wanted to create a blog to just talk about the brilliance of the youngster, Tadej Pogacar. In the mountain stages of the tour, Pogacar decided to ramp it up and he completely blew away the competition for the Yellow Jersey. The Yellow Jersey indicates the winner of the Tour de France at the current moment. Pogacar has a lead of close to five minutes and with only two stages to go, there is very little chance for anyone to catch up to him. To make matters worse, these last stages have transitioned from the mountains to flag ground where bikers have to put in minimal effort. At this point, you might as well hand the trophy to Pogacar.

On a side note, Mark Cavendish has also been cycling very well and he is projected to win the Green Jersey, most points on the tour, as long as he finishes the race. This has been an outstanding comeback season for him and hopefully it is just the beginning.

Congrats to everyone who will complete the Tour de France this year, it is an extremely difficult course which not many people can accomplish. Tour de France, goodbye for now

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