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Can Djoker Pull of the Grand Slam?

The US Open is here and Novak Djokovic has the chance to make history. He can complete a grand slam meaning he can will all four grand slam's in one year. He has a great chance to complete this too with the likes Federer, Nadal, and Thiem all out for the US Open. Rod Laver, someone who has won the grand slam, even commented saying he would love to see Djoker win the grand slam. Who wouldn't? The fact of the matter is that Djokovic has a very good shot at winning the US Open. The only potential competition I see for Novak is Zverev and Medvedev which he may meet in the semifinals or finals. Djoker should in theory have a smooth road up until about the semifinals. If his determination and hunger to win the US Open and achieve the grand slam provails, no one can stop him. I do not see anyone who has a legitimate chance to stop Djokovic. Zverev and Medvedev will prove to be obstacles but Djokovic should be able to hurdle over them. Cmon Djoker!!! The grand slam is yours for the taking

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