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Chargers end the Season on a Very Sour Note

Being a Chargers fan, this is going t be a very tough article to write. As the game on Sunday night kept on going, my heart rate kept on rising and rising. You could not have scripted a better game. The fact that a tie was very much on the cards made the game even more interesting as it progressed. In the middle of the fourth quarter, the Chargers seemed to be dead in the dust. They somehow clawed to a touchdown and also were successful in their two point conversion. The Raiders got the ball next and were stuffed by the Chargers defense. After getting the ball back, the Chargers slugged to the twenty yard line with time to run one more play in the most thrilling NFL drive I have ever witnessed. Herbert threw an absolute laser to Mike Williams on the last play of the game and Dustin Hopkins point after tied the game at 29 a piece. At this point, everyone was considering a tie. The Raiders erased these thoughts by driving down and scoring a field goal. The Chargers then came back and answered with a field goal of their own which tied the game at 32-32. This was the decisive drive. The Raiders ran the ball all the way down to the Chargers 45 yard line. It was 3rd and 4 and the Raiders seemed like they were going to run out the clock. The Chargers timeout changed the mindset of the Raiders and they converted the 3rd and 4 and later kicked a field goal to win the game. Many questions will be asked about Brandon Staley and his decision to call a timeout. However, as a Chargers fan, I am very much looking forward to next year. Herbert is a proven stud and if the Chargers can get a couple of defensive players to bolster their defense, they are going to be in a prime spot to make a run for the title. BOLT UP BABY!! Chargers till we die!!

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