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England to the Semis

Its coming home, its coming home, its coming football's coming home!!!

Is it too early to start celebrating? After a triumphant victory against Ukraine, maybe England fans do have a right to celebrate.

Harry Kane, Jordan Henderson, and Harry Maguire were the three goal scorers who helped England to a 4-0 victory. Declan Rice controlled the midfield and helped to break open the Ukrainian back line. John Stones and Harry Maguire never gave Ukraine a chance to score. England looked to be in cruise control for the entire game.

The Three Lions face Denmark next and if they win, the finals beckon. Denmark will be a very tough opponent with the likes of Hojbjerg and Delaney controlling the midfield. Harry Kane will have to turn up and carry England to victory. Come on England, only one game to go till the finals!!

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