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England vs Denmark Predictions

Its time to do the second semifinal prediction, England against Denmark. This game will not be as exciting as the first semifinal between Italy and Spain because both teams do not have that same technical ability as Italy or Spain.

Lets first look at everyones favorite team, Denmark. In Denmarks first game, Christian Eriksen collapsed near the end of the first half after having a cardiac arrest. The stadium was silent and it looked like he might have died on the field. Luckily, the doctors performed a miracle and were able to save Eriksen's life. All Danish players have been emotionally charged ever since and have been playing with a chip on their shoulder. Denmark looked very good in their quarterfinal win against the Czech Republic and can pose a real threat to England. Their star studded midfield can change the game at any moment.

England started off the tournament win with a victory over Croatia but followed it up with a very unconvincing draw against Scotland. After they beat the Czechs to make it through to the round of 16, England showed their true colors with a triumphant win against Germany to send them to the quarterfinals. They then pummeled Ukraine and seem to be in fine form. England has a very balances squad and are the only team to not concede a goal. The Maguire and Stones combination at the back seems to be working like a charm. Up front, Harry Kane seems to have finally found his form and Raheem Sterling has been the standout England player so far. Denmark will have to play the game of their life to beat England.

When we compare these two teams, England is clearly the better squad and with them just starting to round into form, Denmark does not have it easy. I will go with a 2-1 win for the Three Lions. With the Euros however, no one truly knows what will happen. We will just have to wait for tomorrow to find out. England Denmark... cannot wait

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