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Euro Final Predictions

We have finally made it everyone!! The European championship finals will be played on Sunday at Wembley stadium. Most people would not have predicted England and Italy to be the two teams in the final. Italy was seen as dark horses and were given an outside chance to make it to the finals. England were not seen as dark horses but many people believed that they had too young of a squad to make a deep run. Both of these teams proved everybody wrong and will now face off against each other to determine the winner of Euro 2020.

Italy is a team in form and have a lot of confidence. Their front three, Insigne, Immobile, and Chiesa, are on fire and can score goals from anywhere. Italy also have a solid back line with Chiellini and Bonucci leading it. Chiellini has been an outstanding leader for Italy this tournament. Finally, Italy has a deadly midfield with Jorginho, Barella, and Verratti all having the ability to create chances from anywhere on the pitch. Throughout this tournament, Italy have played with chemistry rather than individual skill which will be very useful for the finals. England will have a very tough dealing with Italy on Sunday

Although England has a young squad, the players seem to click on the field and in the semifinals, England displayed great poise as they fought back from a goal down to win the match. Raheem Sterling has had a resurgence at this Euros and Harry Kane is starting peak at the right time. Stones, Maguire, and Pickford (goalkeeper) have only conceded one goal in this tournament. Declan Rice and Kalvin Phillips have been a great midfield duo. This is a very balanced squad and should matchup well against Italy

In my eyes, these are two very even teams and it is really hard to predict the winner. Honestly, a flip of a coin might be the best way to decide the outcome. However, for the sake of the blog I am going to go out on a limb and say that England will win 1-0 with Harry Kane scoring the deciding goal. Can England actually bring it home for once? La Azzurri vs The Three Lions on Sunday at noon PT... I cannot wait!!

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