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Euro Quarterfinal Predictions (Excluding Spain vs Switzerland)

Well guys, it is time to make my first prediction blog. The quarterfinal stage of the Euros is upon us and I want to make my predictions for which teams will make it to the semis. Spain vs Switzerland was already occurring when I wrote this blog so therefore I will not be doing a prediction for that match.

Italy vs Belgium... wow that match is going to be an absolute thriller!! Italy has a lot of rising youngsters such as Locatelli and Spinazzola who have really emerged during the Euros. Belgium however, have the likes of Kevin DeBruyne and Eden Hazard who can easily change the game. The one worry for me is the health of Kevin Debruyne and Eden Hazard who injured themselves during their quarterfinal matchup against Portugal. If they both suit up and play, I think Belgium will win. However, I am not sure both will be able to suit up and I believe Italy will go through 2-1 with goals from Insigne and Immobile. It will definitely be a great match to watch.

Next we have Denmark Czech Republic. I don't think this match will be close at all. Denmark is playing on such high emotion and I think they will overpower the Czech Republic. Poulson at the front alongside Martin Braithwaite will burn through the Czech defense. The creativity of Delaney and Hojberg will also be able to break the Czech back line. My score for this match is 3-0 Denmark with goals from Poulsen, Braithwaite, and Hojbjerg. Go Denmark!

Finally we have England vs Ukraine. I am a huge England fan and after their win against Germany, I think it might be coming home!! Although Ukraine won a thriller against Sweden, I think they will be too tired and emotionally exhausted to pose any real threat to the Three Lions. Harry Kane will bag a brace and Bukayo Saka will add on to Ukraine's pain by adding a third goal. England will win 3-0 and will move onto the semifinals to face Denmark.

These are my predictions for the quarterfinals. It has been a great Euros so far and I expect the quarterfinals will not disappoint. Bring on the quarterfinals!!

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