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Great Britain on the Rise?

A tennis player no one has every heard of named Emma Raducanu is the lone Brit left in Wimbledon and is carrying the British torch into the fourth round. Raducanu is currently ranked world number 336. Nevertheless, her grit and perseverance has led to her qualifying for the round of 16. Could this be the Cinderella story that we are all waiting to hear? Will she continue her success streak and make it past the fourth round? I wish it was the case, but I think Emma will get smoked on Monday in the fourth round. The Cinderella story might just come to and end, and the Brits will have to endure another year without a local athlete making it to the later rounds. You heard it right here, Emma Raducanu will loose on Monday with a score of 2-6 3-6.

It is best to hold off on renaming Murray Mound to Raducanu Ridge, it might just be too early. Emma, best of luck on Monday... even though I think you will loose miserably.

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