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How Can the Bucks Stop Phoenix?

Last night, the Phoenix Suns took game two of the NBA Finals and now have a 2-0 lead over the Bucks with only two more wins required to win the trophy. The Bucks need to change something in order to beat the Suns. Giannis needs to step his game up. He needs to drive to the bucket rather than taking shots at the three point line. Giannis is most effective when he is driving full speed to the basket. He needs to get back to that. Khris Middleton also needs to start becoming a factor in the series. He is a sniper at the three point line and the Bucks need to find a way to give him enough time and chances to shoot a few threes. The transition of venues will also help the Bucks as they will now have their own crowd in the stadium. I sincerely hope the Bucks can even the series with their two home games in order to make the series more interesting. They are a good team, they just need to get back to doing what they do best... Giannis running the offense and TEAM defense. Cmon Bucks!!

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