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Should the NBA have a temporary shutdown?

With the Omicron variant on the loose, many NBA players, staff, and coaches have gone into COVID protocols. During the busiest stretch of the season, many teams are undermanned making it much harder for them to win games. Perhaps the NBA should shutdown their season for a week or two in order to allow all the players in COVID protocols to be able to come off. It is a very tough situation for Adam Silver, the commissioner of the NBA. If the NBA does go into a temporary shutdown, they will loose a lot fo revenue. On the other hand, the safety of the players and staff and the fairness of the games being played is crucial to basketball. What are your thoughts on this situation? Let me know in the comments below...

Kyrie Irving has officially been activated by the Brookyln Nets due a large amount of Nets players being in COVID protocols. He will only be able to play away games this year.

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