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Simone Biles Withdraws due to Mental Health Issues

Hello everyone and sorry for the super long break. I was traveling and I did not have to time to write any blogs. But I am back everyone and I think it is time to talk about Simone Biles withdrawing from the Olympics.

Simone stated that she withdrew for mental health reasons. I wish her all the best and hope that she will be ready to return to gymnastics at the highest level soon. However, a question does have to be raised; Why the mental health issues now? Why could she not just suck it up and deal with it after the Olympics? After all, the Olympics is only every four years and the career of a gymnast is very very short. My guess is the mental health problems for Biles surfaced because of the Olympics. She is still young and all of the pressure put on her may have been too much to handle. Simone was expected to do great things this Olympics and all of that pressure was likely too much for her to take. There is also the cased to be made that she should have preserved through this as the Olympics only occur every four years. To add on to this, sports is all about athletes defying the impossible, pushing through barriers, and not giving up no matter how hard the situation is. I think mental health is definitely a huge problem and it should be dealt with accordingly. However, I am not sure whether Simone needed to withdraw from the most important sporting event of her career so far for it. There is a possibility that she could have carried and achieved greatness. I do not want to speculate or come to conclusions this early after her exit. Right now, lets all wish her a speedy recovery

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