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South Africa vs West Indies

Hello all cricket fans,

Welcome to my first cricket post. It has taken wayyyy to long to do a cricket blog but here we are. The West Indies vs South Africa T20 series just concluded with South Africa winning the series 3-2. I actually thought West Indies was going to win as they have a very good T20 side. South Africa has a good ODI and Test team but their T20 squad is average at best. With the likes of Chris Gayle, Kieran Pollard, and Dwayne Bravo, I did not think that South Africa stood a chance. However, the South Africans showed great poise ands determination. Quinton de Kock played very well throughout the series. After this series win, maybe it is time to consider South Africa as real contenders for the upcoming T20 world cup. Beating West Indies, who are the current T20 World Cup winners, is not a feat cricket fans should take lightly. South Africa is looking good going into the T20 World Cup and pose a real threat to India, England, New Zealand, and Australia, the four favorites to win the trophy. Will we have an underdog win the T20 trophy? Come on South Africa... it is not impossible!!

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