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The 4 Blue Teams in the Final Four

Well everyone, after four rounds and two weeks of crazy, wild, unpredictable basketball, we have narrowed down the pool from 64 teams all the way down to 4. Duke, North Carolina, Villanova, and Kansas. Kansas is the only number one seed left in the tournament as Baylor, Gonzaga, and Arizona were all eliminated in the previous rounds. The most surprising team in the final four is the North Carolina Tar Heels. They are ranked as the 8th seed and will play their longtime rivals, Duke, for a spot in the national championship. Duke has been playing with fire and passion and Coach K's last hoorah is still going strong. With two more games left, can he pull off the dream story of winning a national championship in his final year? On the other half of the tournament we have Kansas and Villanova. Kansas has been playing very good basketball and they go into this final four matchup with a blowout win over Miami. Villanova defeated a very good Houston team. However, they lost one of their key players to an ACL tear. I have Kansas and Duke winning these rounds, but they really could go either way. This is going to be a great final four... bring on the finale of March Madness and the college basketball season!!

UNC defeated number one seed Baylor in overtime to advance to the Sweet 16. They later defeated UCLA and the cinderella team Saint Peters to make it to the final four.

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