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The Absolutely Horrendous Football Schedule

A while back, I was watching all or nothing Manchester City. I vividly remember one episode when Pep Guardiola said "please protect the players". This may have been directed at the officiating during a game, but it still made me think about the brutal club schedule which football puts on its players. This past week, Manchester City played on Wednesday against Atletico Madrid. The game was a dog fight and DeBruyne and Kyle Walker were injured during the game. Although the game ended 0-0 and City was able to advance to the Champions League semifinals, City had to play Liverpool in just three days on Saturday for a spot in the FA Cup finals. This brutal schedule will only create more injuries as players will continuously not be at full fitness for a lot of the games. Only two days of break is not ample time for players to recover from a tiring game such as football. Players need at least 3-4 days of rest to be back at full fitness. All of the leagues must work together and create a schedule where there is ample time for players to recover., even if that means reducing the amount of league games played each year. Otherwise, more and more injuries will occur and nobody wants that!!!

Kylian Mbappe injured while playing a game for hit club, Paris Saint Germain

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