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The Big Three are now Tied with Grand Slam Wins

Novak Djokovic was able to take down Mateo Berrettini yesterday in the gentlemen's singles and claimed his 6th Wimbledon trophy. The match was a slug fast and was not very appealing to watch. Novak never looked like he was putting full effort and seemed to be in control of the game. Mateo did cause some problems for Novak with his powerful forehand but in the end Novak adjusted and was able to limit the effectiveness of Berrettini's forehand. With this win, the big three, comprised of Novak, Rafa, and Roger are all tied with 20 grand slam wins. Who will retire with the most grand slam trophies?

With Rogers age, it seems unlikely that he will ever win another grand slam. There are too many holes in his game and as long as Novak and Rafa are around, he stands no chance. Rafa still looks in good touch and poses the toughest challenge for Novak to face. It will most likely be either Novak or Rafa who will have the most grand slam wins out of the big three. Right now however, Novak looks in very good touch and even Rafa may not have a chance to beat him. In this upcoming US Open. Djoker can go for the Grand Slam which is winning all 4 slams, Australian Open, French Open, Wimbledon, and US Open in a single calendar year. With the Olympics coming up shortly, Djoker can win the Golden Grand Slam which is winning all 4 slams and winning the Olympic gold medal. Novak looks unstoppable at the moment and the fact that he achieve either a Grand Slam or Golden Grand Slam only adds to his motivation. At this moment in time, Novak seems the most likely to have the most Grand Slam trophies out of the Big Three by the end of all of their careers.

It will be interesting to see the last chapters of these three GOATS of tennis. We must take this time to truly appreciate what they have done and how much they have moved the sport forward. They are truly the three greatest tennis players to have ever played the mens game.

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