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The Dew Factor in Cricket

This year, the IPL has had an interesting start to the season. The totals are either extremely high or extremely low. Many of the extremely high totals and ru chases are due to the dew factor in cricket. Dew is caused by the condensation of water molecules in the air and it primarily affects the bowlers and fielders. The dew makes the ball a lot more wet and harder to grip for the bowlers which puts them at a disadvantage. In addition, the ball becomes slippery which makes it harder for the fielders to field the ball, prevent runs, and catch the ball. In one game this year, the Chennai Super Kings scored a whopping 210 runs in their first innings. The Lucknow Super Giants were able to chase with 3 RUNS TO SPARE!!! This game was played at the Bradbourne stadium in Mumbai where the dew was prevalent. As the group matches continue, teams will have to adapt to the dew and rely on their batting even more in order to put less pressure on the bowlers. It will be very interesting to see how the factor continues to affect IPL matches as the season continues.

The dew makes the cricket ball wet and hard to grip, which affect the bowlers the most

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