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The Heartbreaking Antonio Brown Situation

I'm sure every NFL fan saw what happened to Antonio Brown this past Sunday. However just in case any fan did not see what happened, Antonio Brown took off his jersey and left the game while players were still on the field. According to NFL insiders, head coach Bruce Arians asked Antonio Brown to re-enter the game but he refused citing an injury which he believed prevented him from playing the game. The Bucs then told Antonio Brown to leave the and there and told him he was no longer a Tampa Bay Buccaneer. Antonio Brown left the Jets game while players were still on the field. As this was happening in real time, it was pretty funny to watch but in hindsight, something is clearly wrong with Antonio Brown. Brown might be suffering from CTE which is trauma to the brain that occurs due to repeat blows to the head and concussions. CTE can lead to people not making the correct decisions, memory loss, aggression among many other affects. Brown might also be suffering from a mental illness which I hope he can get the necessary help for. Either way, this is not normal and I hope for Antonio Brown's sake he can get the help he needs. Last Sunday was most likely Brown's final ever NFL game which is a huge shame considering the amount of talent he had. Let me know in the comments what your takes are on the AB situation... am I being too compassionate towards him?

Antonio Brown throwing his gloves into the crowd before heading into the locker room for the final time in his NFL career

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