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The Importance of the Forehand in Tennis

Without question, the two biggest shots in the game are the serve and the return. Aside from that, every other shot in tennis is reactionary. Most professional tennis players are able to dictate a point through their forehand and force the other players to react. If you look at Federer for example, he can hit a forehand from the corner of the backhand side of the court. Most tennis players' goal is to get the tennis ball on their forehand side so they can begin to dictate play. According to a variety of different sources, most tennis players hit a little bit more than 70% of their shots from the forehand. Most beginners first learn how to hit a forehand and then transition into learning the backhand. The forehand can be made into an attacking shot from anywhere on the field and therefore it is a crucial shot to master and be able to use frequently. Many tennis players live off their forehand and their quick footwork allows them to hit a forehand from almost anywhere on the court. Never forget the importance of the forehand in tennis... it will keep you in points, help you dictate play, and always give you a chance to win matches.

Roger Federer's textbook forehand

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