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The NBA's Three Point Revelation

Nowadays, we are all accustomed to seeing a barrage of threes from NBA teams. However, as recent as a decade ago, there were a lot fewer three point shots taken in the NBA. Many teams have changed the philosophy of their game in order to have more open three point shots. According to an article written by, the amount of three pointers taken in the NBA have risen from just over 2% in 1980 to close to 40% in 2020. These numbers are only growing to grow as more and more players have become three point specialists. With more three pointers being taken each year, the mid range game has slowly been disappearing. Players such as DeMar DeRozan and Kevin Durant are one of the few players who have lethal mid-range games. Players such as Stephen Curry, in recent years, have forced defenders to guard players from as early as the half court line due to the three point threat. Due more three point shots being taken, teams have a high chance of winning games if they make a good percentage of their three point shots. However, if they miss, then their chances of winning drop heavily. The future of the NBA is undoubtedly leaning towards the three point line. Where this will take the NBA is an exciting adventure which I am certainly ready to embark on.

A graph of the percentage of three point shots taken per season from 1980-2020.

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