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The Olympics are Here?

Everyone, the Olympics officially kick off tomorrow!! This is going to be the strangest olympics ever. Without any crowds, any support, will the same emotion and excitement still be there? I guarantee a lot of people do not even know that the olympics begin tomorrow as it has not really been advertised a lot. I have seen a couple of Youtube videos on the upcoming Olympics but I haven't seen any major advertising blogs, boards, or videos. There is also not that usual buzz occurring in the streets which usually occurs during the Olympics. People are usually repping their countries shirt, waving their nation's flag, and shouting their nation's anthem. This year, non of it is happening. As a fan, this does not feel like a true Olympics and I am sure the players feel this way as well. A lot of big sports stars have decided not to come to the Olympics because of the absence of crowds, COVID restrictions, and time apart from their family. I think the lack of crowds will definitely hinder the players celebrations but their desire to win will still be ever present. Players might even be able to concentrate more because of the lack of noise. It is almost certain that this Olympics will not be as good as other Olympics in the past but it will certainly be remembered as it is occurring during an unprecedented time. I do not know if I will watch the Olympics, but I will definitely be rooting for all the athletes.

The most relevant sporting event in the world is scheduled to kick off tomorrow... lets all enjoy what its significance and wish all athletes the best. Cheer on your countries sporting stars and wave that flag with pride. The Olympics are here everyone!!! Opening Ceremony and Olympics coming your way very, very soon

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