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The Only Joy and I Getting out of the IPL this Year

The IPL is well and truly underway everyone. This year, many of the traditionally great IPL teams have started off terribly. As most of ya'll know, I am a fan of the Chennai Super Kings, a traditionally great franchise. This year, however, they have started off horribly winning only one game so far. With the loss of Faf du Plessis, the Chennai Super Kings have a very meager batting attack. To make matter worse, the CSK bowling is horrible. Chris Jordan is playing like absolute rubbish and without Deepak Chahar, there really is no one to pose a threat on the fast bowling side. Jadeja is a good spin bowler but he can be taken to the cleaners by many of the batsmen. The only team worse than CSK is my least favorite team, the Mumbai Indians. They have not even won a game so far this season. Rohit Sharma has not kicked into a high gear, and quite frankly, Suryakumar Yadav has been carrying the batting core. On the bowling side, there really is no one, Tymal Mills has been horrible, and no one else even deserves a mention. Without the MUmbai Indians playing as bad as they are, there is no chance I would still be watching the IPL this year. Could this be the year that neither CSK or Mumbai make the playoffs? Will we have one of the new expansion teams win the IPL? We will just have to wait and see...

Last year, CSK won the IPL. This year, they are very much losing the IPL

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