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The Problem with the Premier League

Don't mistake me, I love the premier league. However, there are definitely major problems in the league that need to be addressed. Manchester United, Manchester City, Chelsea, Liverpool, Arsenal, and now Tottenham, run the premier league. They essentially make all the decisions since they are the only teams that are truly bringing in revenue for the league. Without any of these teams, the premier would be dust. The big problem is that no other team has a chance of winning the premier league. In the 2015-2016 season, Leicester pulled off the impossible of winning the league. At the start of the year, they were given 5000-1 odds of winning the chip. This is unbelievably low odds, and they only get lower for other middle to lower tier teams. Stories like Leicester's will not happen for another 100 years. We complained so much about the European Super League and how it will ruin football, I would say that the structure of the Prem and other big leagues is already doing that. Without a salary cap, teams that have big sponsors can spend as much money as they want. With huge sponsors for the big teams, they end up having the ability to spend a lot more money and in turn, have a better chance to do well. Teams like Manchester City are built by having the best players in the world; there is not really any chemistry between the players. Ronaldo makes 70 million dollars in wages every year, this is nuts! The Premier League and other leagues need to create a salary cap in order to give the smaller teams a better chance of competing for trophies. Right now, only the big six can win any trophies: this needs to change in order for football to increase its popularity. It is time a salary is introduced... did you read this Premier League?!

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