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The Two New Additions to the IPL this Year

The IPL is back for all cricket lovers. This year, there are two new teams; The Gujarat Lions and the Lucknow Super Giants. The Gujarat Giants are captained by Hardik Pandya while the Lucknow Super Giants are captained by my favorite player, KL Rahul. This morning, Lucknow and Gujarat played their first game against each other with Gujarat coming out on top. The problem with the addition of these two new teams this year is that there are a lot more matches that have to be played. This year, the IPL began on March 26th and will end May 29th, that is two whole months!!! The IPL season is scheduled to end a couple days after I finish my school year, that it absolutely crazy. To make matters worse, the IPL is only going to be played in two cities this year, Mumbai and Pune. This is the third straight year that the IPL is not going to be played in the normal way. At this point, the IPL should be played in all the teams location as the COVD situation has improved dramatically in India. I understand where the BCCI is coming from, however; they do not want to have to postpone the IPL and have to play it in the UAE. However, it's about time that the BCCI put on their big boy pants and go back to playing the IPL in the regular way. Aside from this, this will be a great IPL season. There are a lot of new faces which will hopefully equate to some great cricket being played. CSK will not be great this year, but it is okay because I now have the Lucknow Super Giants to root for as well since my mom is from there. Hopefully next year the IPL will be slightly shorter, but for now, two months will suffice. Bring on IPL 2022!!!

Gujarat Lions and Lucknow Super Giants, welcome to the IPL

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