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What does Messi's Departure do to La Liga

Well everyone, Lionel Messi has officially left Barcelona in the most horrific, treacherous, and heartbreaking way possible. This departure will have huge implications on La Liga and its sucess. First off, Messi left because of La Liga not allowing his new Barcelona contract to go through. The contract was too big and Barcelona was in too much debt. Messi leaving will put pressure on La Liga to allow larger contracts like this one to be allowed in the future. Messi's departure will most certainly decrease the amount of viewers, in and out of the stadium, for La Liga. Many mnay Barca fans were Messi supporters and him leaving will cause a lot of fans to loose interest in watching La Liga. The annual El Classico between Madrid and Barcelona will have a record low amount of viewers this year. It was already uninteresting when Ronaldo left Madrid but with Messi leaving, there will be no point in watching El Classico. The decrease in viewers for La Liga will slowly increase in five or so years when another superstar joins either Barca or Madrid. This cycle of superstars joining and leaving clubs always causes some fluctuation among the fans of any league and team. However, none of these superstars are as big as Messi and therefore the negative impact on La Liga will last for quite a while.

Messi crying during his Barcelona departure press conference

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