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What Should Roger Federer do?

Roger Federer will have to undergo another knee surgery in order to have a hope of returning to the tennis court. The surgery will likely take him a full year to recover and by then he will have hit 41. Roger is in a very tricky situation. There is the very real possibility that the surgery will not help him recover and he will have to retire. On the other hand, Roger could come back in very good shape and can maybe make it all the way to a grand slam semi-final or final. With kids as well, it might be time for Federer to hang up the boots and focus more on his personal life. My hope is that Federer comes back for one more year or at least a couple grand slams. I would love for him to end his career at Wimbledon which is his favorite tournament to play in. So, to answer the question titled in this post, Roger should try and return to the court with the intention of playing one year max. This way, he can receive a proper farewell tour. My only hope is that Roger does not end on a sour note. He is one of the greatest tennis players ever and deserves to go out with a bang

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