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Will City be able to Defend their Title?

After a convincing 5-0 victory today against Norwich City, Manchester City are officially beginning their title defense for this years Premier League Season. Jack Grealish played up to his worth, and Gabriel Jesus whipped in some very good crosses. City seemed to be back and at full strength eve without their best player Kevin De Bruyne. City have an even better squad this year than last year with the addition of Jack Grealish. There should be no excuse for winning the Premier League, Carabao Cup, and FA Cup. The Champions League will definitely be a bit more difficult as PSG probably have the best team in the world right now. Having said this, everyone expects City to make it to at least the Semi-Finals of the Champions League. This is their year to prove that all of the ridiculously expensive signings they made over the past few summers are worth it. To answer the question, will City be able to defend their title, the answer is yes because no one in the Premier League has the same squad talent as City. Champions League may be a bit more difficult but I still expect them to go to the finals and give PSG a run for their money. its now or never City, we will just have to wait to see what they will do.

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